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Welcome to Apiando

Apiando is your reliable partner for e-commerce fulfillment & logistics.
We’re passionate about online trade & logistic solutions.
Our expertise is your guarantee for success.

Conveniently located in the heart of Germany

Approximately 20,000 m² of storage space

Flexible infrastructure

Rail access

Situated by the cargo port CONTARGO

Our Locations

12.000 m² stehen für unsere Aktionswarenlogistik und Ihr Saisongeschäft bereit.

Logistics Koblenz KOB1

Hans-Böckler-Straße 17
56070 Koblenz

Logistics Neuwied NRX1

Memelstraße 12
56566 Neuwied

A strong infrastructure, tailored logistic solutions and prompt service make Apiando one of the leading E-Commerce & Logistics providers in Germany. Apiandio is your guarantee for sustainable e-commerce growth and success.

Marvin Stammel – CEO at Apiando

Up for a new challenge?
Join our team!

As a young growing business, we’re always on the lookout for new talent
to join our flexible and ambitious team. If you recognize yourself in one of our open positions,
don’t hesitate to apply!

What we do

We do all things E-Commerce & Logistics and we’re really good at it, too!
Our high quality standards and expertise are the driving force to achieve excellence in every aspect.
With a pragmatic hands-on approach, we take care of every detail while never losing sight of the big picture.
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Home in the world of tomorrow

  • We’re experts in online retailing
  • All major marketplaces feature our product portfolio 
  • We deliver to over 600,000 customers per year


Professional e-commerce logistics

  • Many years of experience
  • Efficient logistic solutions and short communication channels
  • From start-up to marketplace providers, we work with small businesses and big corporations

Warehouse Logistics

Versatile storage facilities

  • Safe and top-quality warehouse management
  • Seamless processes thanks to IT integration and JTL Fulfillment
  • Perfect location, flexible warehouse space, efficient storing and relocating


For your Amazon FBA business

  • We help you reduce FBA Amazon costs 
  • Quality checks and convenient Amazon FBA returns management

Receive discounts on long-term storage


Rent storage space in Koblenz

  • Storage options starting at 10 m²
  • Video surveillance and modern access control   
  • Facility management service

Returns Management

Save time and money

  • Reverse logistics for e-commerce and FBA returns
  • Accepting all types of returns 
  • Convenient storage for reconsignment or resale

Apiando is a certified JTL Fulfillment partner and operates within the JTL Fulfillment network. Thanks to the integrated JTL interface, online vendors benefit from a close to real-time connection to the Apiando logistics center.  

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